How Does Grillstream Work?

How Grillstream Works

1Grillstream challenges standard grill concepts with its double grill system.

2The unique patented U-shaped grills sit directly on top of each other resulting in less fat, no flare ups and more flavour.

11Why the gap?
You might be surprised that you can see through the gaps in between the grills just like on a normal barbecue - the second grill is supposed to line up directly underneath the top one.

1What makes Grillstream so special?
The magic of the second grill - when cooking meat on any grill excess fats and juices from the meat are drawn out by the science of viscosity to the actual point where the food makes contact with the grill and then drips down. On a normal grill, meat fats then drip all around the burners causing flare ups and other problems.

But on a Grillstream, any fat dripping down the outside of the top grill is captured by Grillstream's unique second layer (lined up directly underneath the top grill) and taken away down the grills to a collection channel at the front of the barbecue where its streamed into a fat cup.

Normal Grill

Flare up on a traditional BBQ

Grillstream Double Grills

Perfect cooking on a Grillstream

5The magic of the second grill

6But what about the flavour?
Less fat doesn't mean less flavour! Any juices collected in the Grillstream grills are separated from the fat because they evaporate at a lower temperature. A far higher percentage of juices evaporate and infuse straight back into the meat = juicier more succulent food.

7The magic extends to after you've finished cooking - because the residue is streamed away into a separate fat cup, the inner BBQ stays clean so the cleaning is easy - MAGIC. Just the grills need a brush down and the fat cup can be emptied into a bin.

Cook with confidence, achieve perfectly barbecued food, even chicken!
You'll be amazed how great your food will taste on Grillstream.