About Grillstream

About Grillstream

History of Grillstream

Meeting Business Secretary Vince Cable

Grillstream Ltd was founded in 2009 by Ian & Peter following the granting of patents relating to the invention of their totally unique open bar grill system.

Using all of their engineering skills, Ian & Peter who are BBQ fanatics set out to cook the perfect sausage without catching the BBQ on fire, having excessive flare up, or an oily messy BBQ to clean at the end of the year.

For years BBQ manufacturers have tried various methods on gas & charcoal BBQ’s to cure the age old issue of fat fires. How many times have we all been to or cooked on a BBQ, burning the outside of the food, yet potentially serving it raw in the middle?

By preventing the fat/oil from dripping onto the heat source, yet still allowing for direct convected and radiant heat Grillstream invented the perfect open bar grill system by streaming away the fat for virtually flare free, clean and healthy grilling.

Lunch with Theo Paphitis


In August 2009 Ian & Peter first showcased Grillstream on the Dragons Den with a further appearance on the follow up program on the 24th October 2010.

In 2010 Grillstream successfully licensed their technology to a number of manufacturers worldwide.

All of the dragons were impressed with Grillstream’s unique patented technology in particular Theo who is even now still interested in investing having missed the opportunity first time around.

May 2011 saw Grillstream Technology received an award at the prestigious DIY product of the year awards.

Commercial Opportunities

Grillstream founders Peter Neath and Ian Worton

We offer a range of Grillstream grills for both domestic cookers & BBQ’s along with the opportunity for manufacturers of outdoor, indoor, commercial and industrial cooking & grilling appliances to licence our Grillstream technology for inclusion in their products.

Consumers are able to buy GS Cooking grills and Grillstream equipped cooking appliances at major retailers worldwide.

Grillstream have the design and engineering expertise to offer a full R&D development service. Including full prototyping along with full 3D CAD drawings for tooling.

These services assist in the smooth and easy development for any licensee when including Grillstream technology into a chosen product.

For further details on licensing Grillstream technology or to make a stockist enquiry then please use the “contact us” page